The Burnout – by @laurenbodiam

By Lauren Bodiam


The Burnout

People have told me not to work so late.  I have not listened.  I have had Lucy on a strict schedule.  Its been working, 8 campaigns scamped and mocked in a week.  Until now.  Averaging a 4/5 hour sleep a night.  We burnt out. Both of us. Instead of a brand new book ready to show Marc tomorrow, we have our last book.  Its panicked us the last few days. I would be lying if I said its not panicking me now.  A part of me is still wondering if I can get it all done in the next few hours.  Accepting that I can not.  I have been reflecting on the way I work, and the best way for both of us to work during this last term. 

  1. Keep a working pace.  Sometimes 8 campaigns are achievable, but sometimes quality is better than quantity. There have always been 2 campaigns that have fallen behind the rest when we do a new book.

  2. Scamp every morning.  Even if its a SMP you are not sure about there might be a little campaign in there you might be able to fall on and develop later. 

  3. Our best campaigns come from problem – solution. 

  4. Despite what some people might say work when you get home.  We both get motivation from working and stopping for too long we tend to start doubting.

  5. Spend more time on craft.  One of the issues with doing 8 campaigns so fast was that I neglected art direction.  

  6. Get end lines and headlines done before art directing it will make it easier.

  7. Don’t force an idea because its in a category you haven’t got in your book. Do the ideas you believe in.

  8. Have fun.  If you are not having fun with the idea you are doing.  Bin it. 

  9. Keep looking at great work. 

  10. Get out. The studio can feel stressful and the best ideas can happen when we are relaxed, having fun and not looking at the same thing everyday.

  11. Pick each other up.  Use each others strengths when one of us is down

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