The Corona Virus has arrived. If you’re forced to self isolate for two weeks, how do you survive? – By @KRAK intake

By KRAK intake 2019/20


The Corona Virus has arrived. If you’re forced to self isolate for two weeks, how do you survive?


Alice: Lots of “self-love”.


Phillip: Watch a ton of movies. (porn)


Rolly: Craft my Chinese cooking skills. 


Alfie: PS4. 


Katie: Pig out. Have a Lord of the Rings marathon and snuggle up with…the dog.


Chloë: I shan’t be self-isolating. In chaos lies opportunity, so I will be going door-to-door flogging my commemorative Coronavirus necklaces. Tweet me @chlo_gray for special prices while stocks last.


Rachael: Sims 4 and Ted Talks


Holly: When my time comes I’m shipping myself off to a spa in Portugal for two weeks.I honestly couldn’t think of anywhere I’d rather self isolate.  Sun, deep tissue massages and a cocktail trolley need I say more? 


Munraj: Sleep through it all. 


Jay: Lots of aloe vera juice and tennis balls. Anything green. Lettuce. Broccoli. You name it.


Alex: Stream back-to-back porn (only in Green Def).


Marley: Books and cake. 


Scarlet: Learn Cinema 4D to keep my mind distracted.


Issy: Catch up on Facebook stalking.


Ellie: Will Dominos still be open? 


Dj: Numb myself with video games and rum.


Carly: I’ve got a whole season of the Bachelor to catch up on. 


Elle: Cleaning up Alex’s tissues. 


Pierre: I am going to meditate night and day until I become my greater self. 


Ivan: Finish my 20th rewatch of the original Charmed (remastered in glorious HD – fuck Green Def!)


Aaron: I would go round to all my enemies houses and wipe my hand on their car handles. Fuck them, they know what they did. 


Dean: I call Korinka. She knows what to do. 


Sam: I’ve been doing it for a week and I honestly don’t know what else there is it do.


David: I’m going to wrap myself in my blanket like a sushi and take a look at all of those Netflix notifications waiting for me.


Elisa: facetime/hangout with my boyfriend and family.


Eva: painting our entire class and working out for that killer body. 


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