The end of the summer. By @caminobbe

By Camille Noble

The end of the summer

Well, tomorrow it’s the 1st September. It’s almost officially the end of the summer.


Summer is something I’m waiting for all the year-long. The sun is the main reason. Weather has a big of influence on my mood, you will see. It’s a time with some rest and some time. Since months I plan to do a lot of things for myself that I didn’t have time to do during the year. Summer starts with a promise made to myself : This summer I will do everything I planned, I have no excuse.


This summer, like the previous ones, I failed. And I’m pretty sure I’m not the only one.


Among my to do list : reorganize my room, watch Fight Club, listen the last Drake album, finish to read “Du côté de chez Swan” abandoned a few month ago, write a letter to Tom Hanks, start to read the last Paula Hawkins book. And I pass you the rest of my best ideas.


The only things that I’ve done and checked on my list of goals is to make the most of my Netflix account with many series and films. I had some huge delay to catch up, you can’t imagine. La Casa de Papel, Orange is the new black, Stranger Things and all this important life stuff.


I don’t want to call it procrastination, because I do a lot of things.


I won’t call it procrastination, because I do a lot of things like prepare my first day in London at SCA. This preparation has demanded much more than I expected and more things than my summer goals. I also enjoy time with my family and friends.


With my failed summer experience, I think it’s maybe a fatality which happen during this period to make us understand something. Sometimes you have to release the pressure and not plan everything. We need to enjoy the moment and not think about what comes after. It will have a beneficial effect for a good start in September.


I’m not going to blame my family and my traveling to have disturbed my summer to-do list.


Not checking my to do list makes me feel a little guilty especially when I see the summer end so close. Even if it changes nothing in my life or others. But when I don’t think about it I really enjoy my holidays. Fortunately, because it’s my last summer holiday. Next time I hope I will be doing an internship. It will be me first one in advertising, so I may enjoy it almost as much as my summer break. But it means there will be no more « release of pressure » and probably more pressure. Year after year I will certainly have more responsibilities during this period.


More and more responsibilities. Less and less moments for my summer to-do list.


Soon I won’t have time to care about it. And soon I will care about not having this time.


The pressure is already building up, it’s the end of the summer and the beginning of a new experience.

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