One Opportunity – By @gnomeegnome

By One Opportunity


One Opportunity

As I wait here for a train that doesn’t look like it’s turning up anytime soon, I begin to wonder how different my life could have been. Any of us could have become the man that jumped in front of a train. 

One thing can change everything.

It’s sad that someone’s life was so unbearable that they had to end it themselves. We take life for granted when we have no idea what hard really is.

I’ve been on placement at Cubo for 3 days now. I’m not gonna lie but I was shitting myself on day one. Being on my own has made me feel more pressured to impress, but actually being alone has it’s benefits. So far I haven’t come out of my shell, I’m known for being loud at school but I couldn’t be more different on placement. You kinda feel you will be judged for everything you do and say and after tonight’s realisation of how quickly a life can be taken, we should all probably start cutting the crap.

My preconceptions and paranoia can go and f*** themselves. Life is what you bloody make it and people buy people, that’s partly why I’m on placement in the first place. I don’t want to remembered by Cubo for being ‘what’s her name?’. This is one opportunity to make an impression on this agency and I may not get another one. Everyone is so lovely, the only thing stopping me is myself.

One person can make a big impact, both positive and negative. Look at the thousands that have been unable to get home this evening because of one mans cry for help that was noticed to soon. 

We all have the power to change something, it’s up to us if we chose to. 

Grab life by the bloody balls and aim for what you assume is impossible because chances are, it’s not.

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