The Fat Penguin Studio – By @gnomeegnome

Naomi Taylor

By Naomi Taylor


The Fat Penguin Studio


Today we started decorating the studio using our new agency name ‘Fat Penguin’ as inspiration. We are all now penguins and Marc is the ‘fat’ penguin. He seems to think he is the emperor penguin but I’m not so sure…

Anyway we now have a cleanish studio. The hallway is white (the gross wallpaper is no longer) and there are combined objects dotted around the studio to give it some interesting visuals. 

Everything is very white and white is good, it’s minimal and clean but we are creatives, and it won’t be long until our best work is hung up to show off to all the visitors that come to the school.

The lack of natural lighting that we have is now framed by a loveable fat penguin and an igloo. This gives us penguins an insight into what our natural habitat would look like if we were released into the wild.

Oh and there are rope lights. They are subtle and give a touch of warmth into our arctic studio. 

We still have stuff to do but so far so good. The week will finish the off with IKEA building and then we are good to go.

Welcome home penguins!

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