The Importance of cooking – By @kylejforeman

By Kyle Foreman


The Importance of cooking


As SCA heats up like an episode of great British bake off. I’ve come to realise there are too many cooks in the kitchen. Day in day out we are bombarded with mentors all giving us their opinion on routes we should take our work.


It’s like shopping in a top-notch supermarket that has every ingredient you can think of, but you don’t have the recipe.


Is it better to freestyle like Jamie Oliver, a sprinkle of this, a dash of that? Or follow a tight regime like Delia Smith, losing sight of the main dish and focussing on small steps that make it easier to reach your end goal.


Slowly we are all developing our own methods. Becoming more confident as we work on more briefs. But it can be hard to find your feet when people are telling you it should be done this way.


It’s becoming clear that we need to find the opinions we trust and value. Otherwise, our work will become watered down drivel that has no sustenance, like a good old fashioned ready meal.


One of the main things I’m learning this term is knowing when to just get on and make. It’s becoming more and more clear to me that our ideas need to be slow cooked, slowly adding and taking away, until your left with the desired taste. But only you can decide when to stop, it’s a dangerous game to play. You might leave it too long or might stop too early, but the important thing is you decide when.


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