The Internet (& The Tab Dilemma) – By @_nadiahammoud

Nadia Hammoud

By Nadia Hammoud


The Internet (& The Tab Dilemma)


If a tab is closed in Chrome, and nobody acknowledges the link, is inspiration lost?

~ 2016 philosophical thought experiment ~


A good fifty percent of my life sees me at the centre of a glorious whirlwind of internet inspiration. Reading up on the likes of famous letters on love is indeed liberating; New lessons are learnt, new connections are made, inspired sparks fly. I quite easily gain attachments to so many different pages, whether they’re hosting the beautiful, profound, heartbreaking, bizarre, or ridiculous, they’re all fascinating and eye-opening.


I send myself links on Facebook, via email, and I of course bookmark an insane amount of information that I fully acknowledge I may never read again. Why? Of course, just in case that day comes when I do indeed need that nugget of information on nuts that are called nuts that actually aren’t nuts. Perhaps one cold February morning I’ll feel compelled to revisit the argument of whether or not, as a society, we’ve reached “peak stuff”.


Unfortunately, my serial internet searches and inspired read-ups far too often see me drowning in a sea of open tabs; I try to keep my head above engulfing waves of information, at the same time welcoming downpours of even more invigorating internet inspiration.


The very sight of my tab ordeals are known to induce stress in others; queue the many attempts from friends looking over my shoulder to close “what’s not needed”. That’s the problem though. What is not needed?

How do you decide which links are bookmark-worthy?

Should you expect to revisit a site/link often for it to be deemed bookmarkable?

What of those links that are needed?

How does one officially organise category-less links?*

How will I find today’s links amongst my already long list of lists of bookmarks?

Why is this an issue?

Am I human?

What is life?


I don’t know. I just don’t know.


Say hello to the recurring and unanswerable questions of the internet age.

Say goodbye to the 2016 creative’s peace of mind.**


*Under an ID-esque ‘think pieces’ category perhaps? Thoughts and suggestions very welcome.

** Was it ever present? Thoughts and suggestions regarding this also very welcome.

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