The other me did something amazing. By @AsforAlex

Alexandra Sims

By Alexandra Sims


The other me did something amazing.

I’m going to give an account of how I came up with the idea to the SCAB I’m writing in a parallel universe. (It’s the one I’m bloody brilliant in and not forgetful nor hung up on Kit Kats and electric cars.) Over there I’m quick to learn and utilise knowledge and tools.

It’s going to be a good one, I’m sorry we’re not there to read it.

Let’s wind back 9 weeks. During the first couple of weeks at SCA, I’ve heard all about the importance of planning my day and writing lists as our brains should only hold so much information at one time. I’ve taken this on board and not merely made it into a slide but I have lived this philosophy for two months straight and haven’t forgotten an event or SCAB post since.

Next, I latch on to the point of being interesting and collecting dots. I acknowledge that when advice is repeated often, it is because I should listen to it and rather than simply enjoying my free time with seldom visits to new places, I read more and go to exhibitions and events whenever possible. I do this because I know that the interesting things will feed into my work and can rest assured that when I have to write something, a blog post for example, I can draw on experiences.

Following on from building experiences, I have been told on several occasions that the best ideas happen when we’re not willing them to but only after initially feeding our minds with things to process.  I finish a day of research and clear my head with a walk and a bath, where I am reminded by that wonderful thing I read about on the weekend and realise the connection I can make between that and a recent master class. It is here that I come up with the idea for my SCAB post that is due a whole week away. I don’t even wait to note it down and have to impatiently sit on it till I can release such a touching and insightful piece in to the world.

Trust me, the other me did something amazing.

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