The Pulp Fiction Burger

This Sunday is the first in a long time where I’ve not been out doing something. Usually, I’m out most of the day going to see something or someone. It occurred to me in the winter break that I’d need to chill out on the weekend this term, and so this weekend I did absolutely nothing. My chilled weekend consisted of many, many films. In continuation of this theme my SCAB is a list of my favourite product placements within films or what are just essentially in film ads. 

Burger King: The Terminal 

After I watched this film, every time I saw a Burger King I thought of the burger in this scene. The second one, not the first one. It’s drilled into my mind the expectation of a Burger King at an airport. 

Etch a Sketch: Toy Story 

I haven’t seen Toy Story in years, but the talking Etch a Sketch is still supplanted into my memory, the fact they literal personify the brand is also quite interesting. I like the scene but it didn’t make me want to buy one. It’s weird because he’s the only identifiable brand but nowhere near a main character, so is ‘competing’ with them for attention. Maybe would have been better to have an inanimate one, as even though I remembered it and what the product was I didn’t want to buy it – even when I was younger. 

Aston Martin: Every Bond film ever. 

Do I need to say anything about this? 

Twinkies: Zombieland

Tallahassee’s obsession with Twinkies made me seek out a place that sold them and try them. There is something hilarious in the he fact the world has literally ended and all he cares about is Twinkies, but if you’ve not had one ever, or for some time, it’ll definitely make you inquisitive as to whether they are actually that good. (They are not ) 

The parent company of Twinkies hierarchies Twinkies in the film against another one of their products, pushing Twinkies as the ‘best’. Putting down a ‘not popular’ product to boost the sale of your ‘popular product’ is quite an interesting approach. 

Nokia: Matrix

When I started using phones I had just missed this era of Nokia phones, so they have always been out of date. When I was younger I was obsessed with technology, I always wanted the newest thing. I’ve watched this film a lot of times, the first time I saw this I probably was pretty young; however, it convinced me without question the best phone was the then-outdated phone. I still think that weirdly even though I’m aware it’s barely functional today. The weird illogical part of making things look good and part of a wider story is that it creates much stronger drive to purchase a product than a standalone ad. 

Those are my few thoughts of the week. Until next time. 



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