The rat race. @dinglebobs

Are you as efficient as you want to be? The well-oiled, slick, streamlined machine that is ready, or already hitting up ad land; what stands in your way? Yourself? (wow that was a weak start). That commuter walking half speed so you miss the train? Has the Weetabix kicked in one hour too late and the burst of energy powered your smoking arm instead of your thinking… arm? head? Another type of anatomical thing that does your thinking for you?

Point is – we aren’t here to be a hybrid of Mystic Meg and Maury Povich. So if you put faith in the stars, and that you’re a Libra – which I’m like, totally, am. Or need assurance from a television personality that you are indeed the father – then the vibe I got off of this week is, drop that now.

Efficiency to me is saying ‘yes’ to everything, and following through with the ‘do’. I believe in actions spurring actions, so if you decide to punch someone in the face – be prepared for the consequences. A bit extreme, but it can be translated into working this year and the energy being put into it will be shown directly in the results.

Un-ironically I had a dream today that I won a D+AD pencil (to anyone who has made it this far, you can collectively laugh at this early onset arrogance of my subconscious). But the pencil was made out of glass, and it shattered – there is some deep meaningful rubbish in there, interpret it how you will. But I wanted to actually experience that. So I’ve gone out to buy all the materials to make one – so I can experience that dream for real. I’ll tweet the results later.

Slight tangent, but who doesn’t love a tangent? (someone with a distaste for maths maybe). Cos I was passing through Highbury the other day to get some notepads and encountered Angela Merkel’s home front trying to bring us all back into the EU… kidding. It was just that football game going on that everyone was talking about. So there was a huge traffic and the TfL staff were freaking out shouting to get people to efficiently go through the station at peak time:


Which made me chuckle because it’s been proven that efficiency of a busy tube station escalator is improved by both sides of people standing (151 compared to 115 being the regular method as demonstrated by screaming employee #1).

I’d say the summation of this scab is that efficiency trusts your gut. Whenever I have taken too long to make a decision it has resulted in the longing out of my process. And something is a process (**** I’ll check the group notes). And this is only week one. I haven’t really spoke about how I really feel about the week, but getting into the SCA headspace has been a welcome change, I just hope I can keep up with the pace.

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