‘Expectations vs realities: Mythbusting SCA’ by @TomoTheTaka


Expectations vs realities: Mythbusting SCA


By Tomo Taka


Reading these pages can be a bit daunting if you’re not at SCA yet. That’s how I felt this time last year. So this goes out to all those starting the school this September.


Let’s do a little mythbusting about SCA. Hopefully it’ll reassure you about the wonderful journey of blood, sweat and tears you have coming up.


Myth 1: ‘Things will be freakin’ hard’


Everyone’s favourite thing to do at SCA besides working is talking about hard they work. Yep, it’s hard. And once in a blue moon you’ll be working late into the night. But you’ll manage. You naturally adapt to the pace and workload when you’re in the thick of things. Best of all, it won’t feel like work at all once you’re really on a roll.


Myth 2: ‘No weekends’


It sounds like this was slightly different for past years but our intake’s had the benefit of deadlines falling on Fridays rather than Mondays. Fingers crossed they keep the same system. The weekends aren’t completely free but they’re kept relatively open so we have the freedom to do what we want without a portfolio brief lingering over us. That means more time to go see an exhibition, catch up with friends or, you know, have what normal people call a Saturday night.


Myth 3: ‘I won’t be good enough’


If Marc’s offered you a place, it’s probably because he sees something in you. Selection days are scary so if you got through that, you deserve a place. The school gives you the best possible shot in becoming the best version of yourself. For all the talent in the world, though, you need to apply yourself. Marc will say this a lot so you might as well get used to it now. ‘Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.’ Corny. But true.


Myth 4: ‘I won’t have a life’


Working hard doesn’t mean working around the clock. A lot of SCA is figuring out your own creative process. For most people, that means leading a balanced, healthy lifestyle. Don’t spend all your time obsessing over advertising. It’s not that important and you’d be boring if you did.


Instead, get out, do some exercise, play a game, watch a film, see some mates, go for a pint. Do whatever it is that makes you you. The most creative idea will be the most reflective of you. Uniquely you. So don’t lose the things that define who you are.


Myth 5: ‘I won’t see my friends’


If you live on these shores, you’ll see your friends and family if you manage your time. WhatsApp means you’re never that far from them anyway. Just don’t talk about advertising around them. They couldn’t give a toss.


If you’re from another country, better start earning those air miles.


Myth 6: ‘Marc is nuts’


He’s a bit weird but you get used to it. Occasionally, you’ll question his line of thinking. But he has the school’s best interests at heart. And what’s good for the school is good for you. If you disagree with him, tell him and explain why. Even better: suggest another way. There’s usually a method to the madness, though. I think.

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