The Resistence / Preach – By @YOxSHOSHO

Sokaina Aliouate

By Sokaina Aliouate


I’ve found it very amusing how fitting some Drake song titles are to my present life.

So this will be the first of a series of Drake-themed SCABs.


The Resistence / Preach

It’s been just over 5 weeks at SCA/London when I’m writing this, and it’s been fun, it’s been tiring, it’s been inspiring it’s been challenging.. and I have barely had time to breathe. jk. kind of but not really.

These SCABs are something we have to do ever so often and for me, they’re a nightmare, for I do not do well with words nor do I do very well with expressing my feelings with words.

It’s a great exercise though since this is what we’re supposed to accomplish this year, to face our fears, to challenge ourselves, at all times. No matter how small or big.

Do whatever it takes..?

To vie for people’s attention for our own personal benefit..?

These are all new principles to me, I embrace some and find it difficult to embrace others.

Now, I like me some principles, I like to think I’m quite dutifully firm when it comes to me and my principles.

But I have had a hard time welcoming the last two, they seem brutal to me at first glance, ruthless and unattractive.

You see, being a southern belle myself, I was taught to never to be the first one to approach somebody, to always speak in a soft, delicate tone, have my legs crossed at all times, and curtsy when meeting new people.


But fairly speaking, one score and 2 years ago, I graced this lovely world and I’ve lived a very comfortable life in a sense, been relatively sheltered from any harsh conditions, lived in an easy, wonderful environment, always been more of the timid kind, taught to always be polite, respect my elders, and live in harmony. So I have never really learnt to take what I want- when I have often been able to ask for it. Or rather more often, fail to ask for it and subsequently wallow in misery.

As I venture more and more out into the new world, I see and learn new things about this gorgeous and ugly place we live in, and I’ve learnt that this is a culture where everyone takes and grabs precisely what they want, when they want, without bothering to ask for it. It’s the only way I suppose. It’s a proud tradition and it’s what this culture is built on.

I realize and truly applaud the sense of fearlessness that comes with it and I learn that it’s become more necessary to act in that way, because otherwise you’ll be one of the few left on the sidelines, just waiting for better days.

I grapple with it still though, it irks me. I suppose I’m bit artless in that sense still, which says more about me, than the rest of the world.

Writer’s reference; the fucking tube in the mornings.

Have a beautiful day.

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