The SCAB Remix – By @cutemagicalstar

By Rachel Ogbaretin

The SCAB remix

I recently counted the amount of words for all the scabs I’ve done so far, all together it’s a round ten thousand words which is long as any dissertation, which is pretty impressive seeing as i dread doing any form of long writing and I’m super dyslexic, so let’s have a little fun and do a mash up scab where i go through all my old scabs and try to make some coherent looking scab.


It’s a blast from the past so here goes nothing

I’m coming here in September. Surreal?! This year is gonna be hectic and  I’m nervous since I’m been pregnant with sherk’s child while sonic’s is crying the background. I struggle to keep myself awake during the school as I try to starve off the invincibility of going to work just little longer in hopes to get into those nice  agencies with all the free sugar packets and bananas but It is amazing, watching the crowd light up it was infectious, I almost couldn’t finish so I scribbled tampons on the page and moon cups of all shapes and size, making sure the illustration for insertions of the products was anatomically correct but we all know, on principle I have to fight tom,but still It was such a shameful displayed, people stared, mothers hid their children, brasitas fainted and DJ stared silently nodding acknowledgement.


I like to think that my imposer is really like the colour pink, it’s my default colour.I go to pub on the occasion but It’s okay not to go lll the time,the best time to hand them the goods is ,  I squeal like a kid when I see the big robot slaps the big mean monster with a big fuck off ship they picked up. I’m a big sucker for the mix of animation and practical within the movie, but by Fridays reflections I’m just want to got the cinema and hide in the darkness and lose myself.  ice cream being the best cry food, but How the fuck do I physically become Josie and Charles without resulting to cannibalism although It’s strange being at an actual fire, I burn out a lot faster than others. I much prefer people who are both outspoken but everyone is horny on the internet and everything is someone’s kink, your a kink, I’m a kink!


I think d&ad broke me slightly


“Yeah I think it did.”


Amazingly i did not drown my jitters in the sauce. This may come as a shock to some but Yes I did in fact say all that sober, I do not need alcohol to make a fool of myself, I can do that perfectly on my own, just ask my father who has an Instagram profile dedicated to the sole purpose of dipping things into various red things like ketchup.


Lauren has many skills that’s I not fully aware of such sucking each others toes and ways to communicate with your art director but more vagina drawings would be needed for this.

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