Things I’ve learnt so far that might help a future student.

I wanted to share some things I’ve learned so far (some only recently) at SCA that might help you out along the way. As someone who works as well as studies, it’s definitely not the easiest. It is hard.

Time management

I often find myself trying to do multiple things at once when the list of to do’s is getting long and feels overwhelming. This doesn’t work. Don’t do it. Write a list of the things you need to do, number them in order of importance/ nearest deadline and work your way through focusing on one thing at a time (honestly going to keep relaying this to myself).


Spend time with tutors. They know a lot. I spent a whole week with Ian last week, getting his help with different Adobe programmes. So so helpful. Learnt things I had no idea how to do before. 

Sometimes however, if you’re talking to multiple, you’ll realise they’re human, they have different opinions. They’re not all the same. Some might love an idea, some not as much. This can be confusing, so make sure you talk to people early on in a project, so you can take it all in and assess and not freak out on the morning of a hand in day and change your whole idea. 


It’s good to commit to an idea if it feels right and it’s working, if something’s not working however, don’t be stubborn. Let it go. We all like our own ideas but other people have good ideas too. 

Write ideas down, make voice notes, bank them up. A brief might come in at a later date that one of these might work well for.


Collaboration can be hard when people are working to different schedules. I get that sometimes you’re excited about a brief or you don’t want to let your partner down but you will end up letting them down if you say you have time to do something and realistically you don’t. Be honest with yourself and your availability. It will stress you and your partner out and we don’t need the extra stress, we’re already stressed. 

Accept your partner’s help and work with the skills they have. I understand people feel more in control if they’re doing something themselves but you know sometimes you’ve got to admit that you aren’t a skilled artist. Drawing isn’t your forte and that’s ok. You’re not less of a person. You’re better at other things. Focus on them. It will benefit you and the work on a whole. 


Don’t be scared to try new things! I started wanting to be an art director, I still do. But I also realised that I love writing. You might be good at something you didn’t originally think you were good at.

Mental health

The most important. If you have to take a time out, you have to take a time out. Be honest with yourself, the people you’re working with and the tutors. It’s so hard to be productive if your brain is consumed with something else. Take time, don’t put pressure on yourself.

Good luck! 

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