Slightly Drunk D&AD SCAB – By @pzelizalde

By Patxi Elizalde


Slightly Drunk D&AD SCAB

Okay. When I am not sure what to do, I always resort to honesty.


I just remembered I had a scab due. And I’m slightly(?) drunk. However, I am slightly drunk because I found out I won a pencil today. So, in this case, on a Monday, I think it’ll be okay.


Today was a weird day. I never would have thought my day would end by writing a scab about D&AD, yet here we are.


This afternoon, Marta announced in our facebook chat that the D&AD results were out. “Hm.” I thought. “I wonder what videos won for Bacardi.” Those were my exact thoughts. Seeing my video on the list was the last thing on my mind. Especially after Marc basically told us it was a dud right before submitting it.


But there it was. The familiar ‘Howlin’ Winds’ logo. The one I made. On the list among the winners for the category. “It must be a mistake.” Was my immediate reaction. Then it finally began to settle. Holy shit. I think I just won a pencil.


Alfie was just as surprised as I was, which made it that much sweeter.


Honestly, as I write this scab, I’m still in shock. I did not expect this at all. I’m actually having flashbacks now to the scab I wrote on the day I submitted the video. Exhausted and malnourished. Trying to find the words out of my mushy peas brain. Morale and spirits were a bit low at the time, but I was nonetheless proud of what Alfie and I had learned and achieved in only a few weeks. And I can remember that happiness with which I wrote having the realization that it wasn’t the prize that mattered, but what I had learned from the experience.


And now, in reflection, it feels fucking good to be justified. For all the hours of hard work we put in, and all the times we had to completely change our project, or completely lost faith in our idea. It was worth it.


I just really wish everyone in the class had won, so we could all celebrate together. As cheesy as it is, everyone deserved a pencil, many moreso than I, but I guess you never know with these things.


Everyone’s work has improved by such a significant amount since then, and I am excited to continue to grow alongside them in these last thousand or so hours left in the year.


But with so little time, it’s far from over. The entire book is what matters at the end of the day.








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