Things you should think about before you join SCA

By JOHN – The SCA Intake of 2017/18




Things you should think about before you join SCA

Meg: How much do you really want it? You do have to really commit, and sacrifice your personal life to an extent. Also, learn to have a thick skin, fast. It’s all worth it though, trust me.


Jonothan: SCA is a complex and deliberate trial of you as a person. Be ready to listen hard. Then be ready to think hard.


James: Your relationships with friends and family.


Josh: Think about what gets you giddy in life, write it down, keep looking at it.


Zoe: What do you want to be known for making?


Philly: contact people on the course – maybe one for every grand you’re spending – or a few whose blogs resonate with you. Ask them what you’re in for.


Poppy: What does success mean to you? And, what kind of person do you want to be? Your answers to these questions will heavily influence your journey at SCA and in life.


Sara: Work out exactly what you’re willing to compromise on. Lots of things in life are more important than SCA and it pays to remember those things when the going gets tough.


Susie: Think about planning your year before you even start. Things will start to run away from you and we all know if you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail 😉


Elliot: Working hard and sacrifices to lifestyle changes for a year.


Melina: Your personal boundaries and whether you have any.


Rachel: If you’ve graduated from university after being told you need to go there to do advertising and you’re reading these scabs, then you’re already thinking the right thing. Your gut is telling you that you want to be better, you want more. But what you need to be thinking about next is just how much better you want to be. Think about what you have and haven’t learned at Uni. Do you know who the founding men of advertising are? Do you keep up with what’s going on in the industry? Do you have favourite ads & who made them? And most importantly are you motivated enough to learn more in the first three months here than you did in the three years studying ‘Creative Advertising’?


Holly: Think about what your goals are, even if broad, and consider what are the things you want to get from the year.


Twyla: why?why?why?why are doing this and for WHO? and remind yourself when (not if) you feel a bit lost.


Henry: What it is that’s driven you to be creative throughout your life. Instil a sense of security with it.


Helena: How do you want to impact the world and how far are you willing to push yourself to get there?


Dan: Think about keeping a timetable and sticking to it.


Rita: Think about your weaknesses and you’ll learn how to overcome them.  


Holly: Are you confident enough to (politely) ignore when people tell you you’re rubbish.


Becky: Think about your goals / where you want to end up and do what you need to to get there. Also how will you pay for living – budgets are important.


Nick: Where’s Brixton?


Adeline: What is advertising, really?


Martin: Ready to turn your life upside down?


Phil: How much? How much are you willing to give and how much are you willing to give up. You’ll have to do lots of both and fast, so strap


Ben: don’t kid yourself, SCA is what you want and for no one else.

Petra: How to keep the human within you alive when everyone tells you to be a machine.


Jem: Just think about you. This is a one person race. As much as people will try to tell you you’re competing against others, you’re not. If you run your own race and run it well then you’ll beat everyone else by accident. Until now I’ve got so caught up in what everyone else is doing that I’ve kept forgetting about what I’m doing. That’s something I really wish I’d realised earlier on.


Joe: Does rejection make you flee or motivate you to do better?


Gary: Firstly, how far do you want to go? Secondly, how far are you ready to go?


Pietro: what are my passions? Can I link them to the ad world?


Helena: where do you want to end up eventually


Christian: do you create with ‘the blood’. Meaning, do you put your heart and soul into what you do, because That’s What it takes to suceed.

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