This week in 5. By @bbrice01

By Becky Brice



This week in 5.


First, a realisation (cover your ears boys): Hormones make you act like a complete lunatic.

Second, another realisation (boys, you’re safe this time): I take briefs way too seriously. I think this may be the first reflections where I was honest with what I’d learnt. I usually pick something based on how easy it is to condense down into a single slide. This week though, I had a genuine epiphany. This is not real life, it’s school, so have some fun.

Third, a confession: I really don’t know my stuff, I never know the references Marc and visiting mentors make. I’m completely new to this world. I usually think of this as my downfall, but recently wondered whether it could be a strength? Not so obsessed with the industry that I loose touch with the people I’m trying to communicate with. Or maybe I’m retrofitting this explanation to make myself feel better. Either way, I feel better.

Fourth, a fact: I go in cycles with SCA. One day I wonder why I put myself through it. The next I wonder what I did to be lucky enough to go here. I’ve gone through the cycle a couple of times this week. I’m ending the week on a bit of a high so it’s hard to remember the exact reasons for the lows, although my first realisation was no doubt part of it. It’s now Friday and I’ve fallen back in love with it. I’m sure I’ll be ranting and raving about the mentors and their lack of enthusiasm in my genius vision soon enough, but for now I’m good.

Fifth, some thanks: I’ve never felt so supported by fellow students. I think this is partly down to my determination to mingle with more than just those in my comfort zone. But I wouldn’t have done so, or continued to do so if I hadn’t been met with such accepting little faces. I’m not sure how SCA does it, but they seem to attract the good’uns.

Marc with a ‘c’ needs no introduction. Philly once said ‘he’s a character… but very reasonable’, which I think is on point. Yes, from time to time I want to throw things, but I have excellent restraint. I see how hard he works for the school. Empathetic and thoughtful, I think he makes SCA a good place to be, even on bad days.

Office gal pals. You rock. I hope you know how appreciated you are. One is flying the nest to see what else she can conquer, but she’ll be back, even just for coffee and cookies.

I don’t like overtly sentimental mush, but some weeks deserve love.

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