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By Kyle Foreman



I think to create great work you have to find out what great work means to you.


As we endlessly Scroll. Flick. Like. Share. Read. Learn. Browse. Watch. Dream, it can sometimes feel like a hamster wheel of fake opinion. Searching for work that doesn’t truly inspire, but for work that will fit into brackets of “OMG yeah, I’m a creative, look at me and all this cool stuff I’m sharing. HA…”


During SCA I found it hard to navigate this strange underground journey. It felt like I was alone in an abandoned theme park set in middle America, just drifting like tumbleweed.


But one of the best things at SCA is you don’t have time to think. Ironic when it’s your thinking that will probably get you a job.


But you don’t have time to succumb to doubt.

You don’t have time to question what you love.

You don’t have time to settle and see.

You just, don’t have time.


After hours of listening to new creative techniques from amazingly talented mentors, visiting lecturers and even fellow students, I have come to realise the only way you will succeed at SCA and use your time wisely is by asking for help.


As soon as you ask for help, you have more time. It can be hard to find the courage as most times you ask for help at SCA somebody will suggest something even better, it can be disheartening, soul destroying but its also the only way you will become the best you.


There are 37 students and they all have something that you don’t. Sometimes leaning on people is the only way you can grow.

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