First SCAB – By @shein_dean

By Dean Shein


First SCAB


Hello class I’m Dean.

This is what is on my desk.

I’ll See you all in 3 weeks. 

Rubik’s Cubes are fun.

The colourful square faces.

A turning rainbow.

Bulky Nokia.

So heavy and durable.

Connecting people.

Citroën Deux Chevaux.

Grey and cream. Compact French dream.

Its wheels are turning.

Green and blue speaker.

I wish I had charged you up.

Hear Project Pablo.

Fiji water. Clean.

Pure deep blue. A Rainforest.

Let me drink from you.

Extra chewing gum.

White rectangular pastels.

Would you like a piece?

Yashica T3.

Today I shall develop.

Hope they are ok.

Yoshi is soft green.

A big pink tongue sticking out.

What an adventure.

A Turkish draughts board.

It is like a poor man’s chess.

Let’s play each other.

Rhythm is Rhythm.

Strings of Life. Transmat Classics.

A Timeless Journey.

A two dollar note.

We don’t make those anymore.

Coins and credit cards.


Compass and a protractor.

Silver instruments.

An iPhone charger.
Always damaged or broken.

Everlasting dream.

Duct tape is quiet odd.

A sticky situation.

It has an ‘e’ shape.

A voice recorder.

Cool robotic audio.

This sounds like daft punk.

Giant Toblerone.

A triangular prism,

of Chocolate nougat.

Pebble from a beach.

Spherical slice of Europe.

Southern Italy.

Staedtler eraser.

Sometimes we all make mistakes.

Rectangular form.

USB flash drive.

My computer has no slot.

Buy an adapter.

An iPod Nano.
It is metallic lime green.
I hope it still works.

Yupi fruit candy.
The noble gummy pizza.

Gelatine is sweet.

Calm spa and resorts.

A spiritual rainforest.

Music for Airports.

City 2 surf run.

14 kilometres… Glide.

This year was sunny.

Visual art diary.

Black cover with white pages.

Blank canvas… Feels nice.

A White Hart Lane sign.

We are moving stadiums.

So, come on you spurs.

Blue oval glasses.

Very UK 90’s rave.

Thin and quite bendy.

I see a teal book.

Japanese for busy souls.
I have not read it.

The Michelin Man.
A Soft white blubber rubber.

Mighty Bibdendum.

Finnish Jazz Booklet.

Orchestral writing cartoons.

Red and confusing.

An old birthday card.

Very meaningful message.

Contains some money.

A computer mouse.

Innovation beats idea.

Mouses are not mice.

Staples. Zinc and steel.

They are hugging each other.  
Industrial chunks.

Plastic Dreams. Nine three.

Elastic bands. Bongo Drums.

Ethereal moments.

Pink, blue and yellow.
Lobster notes and coins flutter.

Hexagonal curves.

Circular motions.

As I write this, Four Tet plays.

Oriental seas.

A brown wooden box.
Made in year 8 at my school.

Wood Sanded nails.

Let us ski naked.

Adding colour to our cheeks.
Snow people, dancing.

A Waboba ball.

Sliding and skidding about.
To walk on water.

Lunch will be served now.

I am drinking miso soup.
Less really is more.

People, mind the gap.

I got my London tube card.

The world’s your oyster.

I have Garlic Mints. 
A tin full of surprises.

Become Vampires.

A clay dinosaur.
From Noah and Isabelle.

Diz got me soap too.

Sweet mini misfits.

A bad little children’s book.

So, funny and crude.

A coconut bowl.

Learning. Teaching. Smiling. Breathe.
Man. Still on his way.

Photo. Dad and me.
At one hundred and thirty.

Orange and blue… Green.

Trumpet underneath.

What might have been… Rendition.

What can still become…

The pondering frog.

Serene and rugged. Rainy.

Lester and his dream.

A Turntable weight.

Damp Disco and Hopeful House. 
In your face, Techno.

Crestron dock stations.

Older models, that’s okay.
This is more human.

Fresh air. Water sounds.

Out the window I hear birds.

I am home today.

My room is now hot.

I will open the door soon.

Once I am finished.

Any more items?

Nope. I have mentioned them all.

That’s all folks. Peace out. 

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