Three days left … – By @aleks_atn

By Aleksandra Atanasovski

Three days left …


Home stretch. In a few days it’s the end of SCA. I still cannot process the year that I had. I decided to live in London super quickly. I was at school, listening to my art history class, when suddenly I thought, what am I doing here? Finish as an artist or a graphic designer? No, I want to do advertising. And three months later here I am, in England, learning what a case study is, and trying to have a different approach to each FMCG. The year was long, each term was memorable because I learned how to work with someone, and I especially learned to SPEAK ENGLISH.

The goals that I put in my head in September are a kind of the same, no pencils in hand but a motivation to find a placement and try to surprise myself. So for those of next year, know that to succeed you need a mind of steel. Sometimes it’s going to be hard, you’re going to wonder why I’m here? And don’t forget the answer: it’s because you deserve it. Nothing is done randomly. Do not be afraid to change, you will discover yourself during the year. At the beginning of the year I was stuck with the rules that I had learned in France on the layout of posters, on concepts. You have to know that each country has a different vision.

Keep doing. Just keep doing. Even if you’re not coming with an amazing idea, time will come, and when you will have one, you will feel better. It’s hard because three days before the end we feel the pressure of portfolio day, and I still can’t believe it’s the end. After all the paper that we used, the printer, the sharpies, we are now ready to go. 

Marc asked us this week to come up with a reflexion slide about each terms of school. To give to the next intake some advice. And all what I can say is: come up with single minded propositions even in term 1 because they will help you to build your portfolio. 

Think about finding a partner before January. Because if someone told me to focus on who likes the same stuff as me, I think I would easily find my partner and we would probably do more stuff together.

And stay late only if you have to. Working hard it’s good but working SMART it’s even better. A thing that I’m still learning because I still staying late at night often.

And that’s it from me really 🙂

Good luck for you guys x


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