Four limericks: an ode to a remarc-able partnership, By @robynhfrost + @daisybard

Robyn FrostDaisy Bard

By Robyn Frost & Daisy Bard


Four limericks: an ode to a remarc-able partnership

You’ve ignored our campaigns so instead,
We’re going straight over your head.
You’re over the posters;
We’re not being boasters
But we’ll keep your shit til we’re dead.

We’ve got talent and madness and spin
And an urgent desire to win
With the greats in our diary –
They love that we’re fiery –
There’s no counting the jobs we’ll get in.

And as for the SCA sale,
We’re sorry for seeming to bail,
But you can’t conceive
What we’ve got up our sleeve…
A theme of the pale, male and stale.

We’ll raise up the SCA bar
Past years will pale to our star
So don’t underestimate
How fucking blessed to rate
Us as your pupils you are.

Keep an eye out,

RAD (Robyn And Daze)

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