Three weeks in. By @liesareoutthere

Ranjeet Rathore

By Ranjeet Rathore


So now we are three weeks in and already we’ve become inundated with briefs. Marc mentioned in some form this is “the calm before the storm,” in other words a ​quiet or ​peaceful ​period before a ​period during which there is going to be ​greater brief ​activities. Students will ​start to argue and there will be breakups and makeups. SCA advocates time management, a session I am very much looking forward to with mentor Diana Jervis Reed.


Talking of mentors, all have been quite insightful, engaging and professional. If you’re reading this from an objective perspective, SCA’s learning model adopts unorthodox teaching methods and has a friendly comedic nature which, in my opinion, should be adapted in early educational systems as this would allow younger generations to challenge the notion of what is right and wrong in a fresh, fun and inspiring way. SCA teaching methods so far have been inspiring and I’m beginning to discover an entirely new love for learning, rather than the conventional school model of aptitude tests to determine what you will become which pigeon holes young minds. A prank I should have played as an adolescent was to secretly steal all teachers’ Questions and Answers Master Editions of schoolbooks to reveal their true incompetence. Also this might stop kids from being asked, “what are you rebelling against?” Their reply, “Whaddaya got?” ©Marlon Brando.


Fellow students have started to ask the question am I a student of Art Director or a Copywriter? Lets try break down what is what;


Copywriting is the process of writing advertising promotional materials. Copywriters are responsible for the text on brochures, billboards, websites, emails, advertisements, catalogs, and more.

And according to Ogilvy the hallmarks of a potential successful copywriter include:


Obsessive curiosity about products, people and advertising


A sense of humour


A habit a hard work


The ability to write interesting prose for printed media and natural dialogue for television.


The ability to think visually. Television ads depend more on picture than words.


The ambition to write better campaigns than anyone has ever written before.


Wise words indeed and for Art Direction Creatives, this is a tricky thing to isolate and define. There’s a lot of overlap between creative direction, art direction and design, so it’s no surprise that the words are often used interchangeably. Art Direction: the visceral resonance of how a piece of work feels. In other words, what you feel in your gut when you look at a website, app, or any piece of design work. Usually described in touchy-feely words like elegant, grungy, retro and more.


My answer is I am a student of Marc Lewis and SCA. There was something compelling he said to me. I could be great if I listen to him. I really hope too. At least there was no bizarre sexual initiation with pigs heads to join SCA, unless that is one of Marc’s notorious “twists and turns” in the future…




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