Tiki taka – By @onamaewanani

By Alexis Barbin


Tiki taka


Really interesting thing today. Oh my goat ! A poetry course ! Poetry, really. I am not used to it, personally. My last recollection of it is from primary school, when we were forced to learn poems by heart., without ever knowing why. So what is poetry, really ? Words dancing on a piece of paper ? Old books ? The characteristic smell of bended old pages ?


Since prose exists in poetry, what is it then that distinguish poetry from any sport article in the monday morning newspaper ? For what I know, sport is art, so what ? Is it rimes ? Is it rhythm ? Beat ? Pace ? Strophes ? Hmmm, not sure.


Maube it is  not about form and only about content ? So… Is it a way to express yourself ? Because today, there is soooo many ways to do it, whatever the style, the design, the format, the idea.


But today wasn’t about poetry in its form, in its shape Today was about working together, as a group, as groups, communicating without saying a word, trusting, supporting, being trusted, being supported, and how to dress our words to make ourselves more and more understandable.


Through accumulation, revolution comes to life. And this is by our dedication that we will be able to change ourselves in order to reach our goals. “Hard work beats talent”, says the monkey in the back of your head.

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