I should have brought an umbrella – By @aleks_atn

By Aleksandra Atanasovski


I should have brought an umbrella

After we threw some ideas around, Ruby and I chose to go for an adventure on Saturday morning for a school project. I knew for certain that it would rain, but somehow I just couldn’t decide whether to bring an umbrella with me. What happened? It was 10 o’clock when we left for Slough, and it rained from that moment until nightfall. The rain didn’t stop, and the wind was blowing it sideways. Safe to say my new white sneakers have completely changed color. All this for a dog named Rocko. But not just any dog, this was a dog we had a special bond with. A dog we’d used in an advert. But when we arrived in front of the house, there wasn’t a car or a person in sight. We rang hundreds of times, asked around where Rocko was, but there was no trace of it. A sign did however tell us that there was a dog in this house, but it was too late. He had to be away for the weekend with his master, surely? Well, we took a break and went to eat in the a near by pub. I made the mistake of going for chicken goujon with french fries. A choice I soon regretted. I felt like I was eating pebbles. Ruby, my teammate had warned me “Aleks be careful, you should never eat in the small village pub”. Yes, well, he was right. I should have listened to him. But hey, I was hungry, so I even went for a dessert. Chocolate brownie with a scoop of ice cream. Sincerely, appearances were misleading because it looked succulent. First bite, however, I knew it was off. Each bite felt like a ​​crusty sponge. So we decided to leave. The path was long, the weather so cold and the food depressing. Fortunately the reggae songs in the car had given us some joy. We did a little 10 rounds to see if the Rocko master had returned but unfortunately it was not. That’s when we asked the neighbors and we left them a word to explain that we were very sad not to be able to see this famous dog. Even when I was in the car, I could not feel my legs anymore. Not sure if this was because of the rain or the brownie.  But I could see the end, I could feel it to. Somewhere on the horizon, I would change my clothes and stay somewhere warm. But, when I came back home, rather than being happy, all I could think about was why hadn’t I just brought my umbrella?

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