Tomorrow, will be all be morons? @leavaude

By Léa Vaudé

Yesterday, I watched a documentary from Arte, an awesome franco-german channel: « Demain, tous crétins? »

To sum-up :

« What if humanity was falling into idiocy, as Mike Judge’s cruel fiction “Idiocracy” imagined in 2006? Scientists have been concerned for twenty years that intellectual capacities are diminishing worldwide. Decreases in IQ have been observed in several Western countries. Added to this is an explosion of autism and behavioral disorders. The cause: endocrine disruptors, these chemical molecules that disrupt the functioning of the thyroid gland, which is essential for the cerebral development of the fetus. Present in pesticides, cosmetics, sofa foams and plastics, these particles have invaded our daily lives: we bathe in a real chemical soup. In the United States, every baby is born with more than 100 chemical molecules in his or her blood. But how do we limit their effects? What solutions can be put in place to preserve the brains of future generations? Epidemic? This is a public health problem whose legislators, under the influence of industrial lobbies, have not yet taken the measure. »

One month after I saw the documentary « What the health », it gave me the impression I’m living in a world with so many problems, and it goes worst and worst. I have this feeling that our generation is born really just before everything goes wrong (even, if I was a bottle-fed baby with bisphenol A) I was born in 1996, and I grew up without technologies and social media until I was around 12.

Were these the last peaceful moments before the Internet surfaced?

But in this documentary, we talk about something else.
We now know that everything we created in the 20th century is turning against us today. And it’s crazy to see how the power of lobby is huge and with no limits. People have to do research on their own to know what’s good or not for them. But you quickly realize, even if you try hard, you’ll never succeed to live without chemicals, unless you become a hermit and live on a desert island where you cultivate everything you need. But it’s a bit drastic.
And if you’re living a modern life, you just can’t avoid everything that is bad for your health.

So, basically, what I’m doing, it’s recycling, buy less prepared meals, less meat, more vegetables, read the composition of every cream, shampoo, foam I buy, and be aware of composition in general, for everything (clothes, sheets, towels…)

I think it’s the basics to try to have a more healthy lifestyle, and everyone should know, what exactly are endocrine disruptors to understand how we can reduce them.

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