Town Hall @gnomeegnome

By Naomi Taylor 

You could say that Town Hall is the first lesson of the day, actually no, it is the first lesson of the day.

It’s the time when we all get together as a unit, we listen, we laugh and we learn. It’s the opportunity to stand up, speak up and share.

Those that struggle to get out of bed in the morning or have a ‘delayed’ train, get the opportunity to show us their best dance moves. They’re embarrassing to watch, I mean imagine Taylor Swift and you’ve got the gist.

Oh, and treasure your mug too, if you didn’t put it to bed it will get a smashing wake up call.

The music blasts and you can usually tell what the atmosphere is going to be by Marc’s song choice. Everyone rushes to get a seat.

‘Good morning!’

Marc opens the with dad jokes, his belly and ironically to this…meaning. What haven’t we done, what can we do and why we should do it.

There is opportunity in everything that’s preached, I suggest you listen to everything carefully and with an open mind. I have missed many opportunities because I was distracted or unwilling. There’s no place for that at Town Hall, or better yet SCA.

There is a method to the madness, it sets us up for the day whether that’s through praise or criticism or the new craze of morning mindfulness. It puts us into the frame of mind to challenge and change the world.

It’s a place where we take action from reactions.

It’s a place where we fight in order to grow.

It’s where we support each other’s causes.

I guess Town Hall is the warm-up and prep for the day. It sets us up and puts us in a frame of mind to challenge and change the world.

It’s our morning prayer. ‘AOB?’
‘The rest of the day is yours.’

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