The Trello Board of Tasks

Entry: 1/15
Date: 07.09.21
Location: My bed, Brixton
Time of Day: Evening
Mood: Excited and dehydrated                                                                      

I’m in the School of Communication Arts and with a scholarship secured. I’m so proud of myself and I immediately seek to celebrate by messaging a screenshot of my acceptance letter. I have very few people to share the news with (who will be genuinely happy for me). I settle on one family member and two friends. My girl Che congratulates me and shares the image to her Instagram story.

I wanted to repost it but I thought I recalled posting an image last week that said something along the lines of “do more, talk less, move in silence.” Ironically as I look for this post so that I can be precise with sharing its message, I cannot see it in my archive. Therefore it’s very likely I saw the image floating in the ethers of the ’gram and immediately embraced its teachings.

On the topic of immediate action, I wasted no time breaking down Marc Lewis’s initiation instructions into a Trello board of tasks:

The nine page PDF was sent this evening by the schools admin officer, Marcia, who kindly assured me that she didn’t expect me to get everything complete in these two weeks leading up to term starting on September 21st. Which is fair, self-reflection; reading five books; listening to four two hour podcasts; researching advertising agencies and legends; brushing up my Adobe skills; making a image; and a video; amongst other things (on the initiation document and life outside of SCA) would be near impossible! But I’ll give it a bloody good try. Reporting back week commencing 27th September. 



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