Vision vs Stumbling

I wasn’t really sure what to write, so as I was busy procrastinating and staring blankly into my computer screen, the word vision popped into my mind, not sure why, but it made me think of what it means to have vision. Recently it seems like I need a lot of it to see projects through before they fall apart. 

Thinking about vision also led me to think of its opposite, I don’t know if it actually is the opposite but the word that came to mind is stumbling. I mean, stumbling is kind of what happens when you don’t have vision right? 

Anyway, all this nonsense led me to the question of which is better? Vision, or stumbling? My younger self would’ve almost certainly said to have vision, is better, after all that’s what you’re taught in school right. We’re given this vision of studying hard, getting into Uni, getting a stable office job, then a partner, then a home and kids and grow old. You can’t do all that without a vision. I would’ve shunned you for being someone who was stumbling rather than with a vision. How could you achieve anything without a vision? It didn’t make much sense to me. 

But now, as you may have predicted I feel differently about the matter. Only after putting myself through tens of thousands of pounds in debt for a physics degree I dropped out of, and coming to SCA did I realise that stumbling can sometimes be one of the best things in existence, second only to bubble tea and ice cream.

I mean, for a start, I wouldn’t have been able to write this SCAB idea if I didn’t stumble upon the word vision. At the very least stumbling gets things going, any progress is still progress, and sometimes it’s the only thing that allows me to finish a project. To just keep stumbling and look back to readjust the work and make it less trash. In fact, stumbling may even be my best friend right now; if it wasn’t for stumbling, I wouldn’t be at SCA and learning about the world of creativity, art and business, rather than remain in the world of physics and technologies, which I still much appreciate, except my vision no longer lies there. In fact I don’t have too much of a vision right now (although I probably should), but for now I feel like I need to keep stumbling and at some point this whole experience will tell me where I should be next. 

At least for me, I think that stumbling can lead to an even better vision, especially as a vision rarely has gotten me to stumble or put something into action. It’s also because of the thing where humans are often bad at estimating how long something will take to do, which in my case also translates to estimating what can and can’t be done. 

I’ve reached the end of my stumbling in this SCAB as I can longer think of what to write without going on even more of a tangent, so this is just to fill out the rest of the words. 

Thanks for reading.


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