WE ARE JOHN @gnomeegnome

By Naomi Taylor


Do it because you want to.

Do it because you care.

Forget the fame.

Forget the money.

We’re here to fight for repair.


Accept that everyone is different.

That we aren’t all the same.

What works for one, won’t for the other.

It’s our job to make positive change.


A problem shared is one half solved.

We are together. We are involved.

Become connected and we will find.
The truth. The insight. The peace of mind.


No fitting to expectations.

No following the rules.

Logic can be illogical.
We can act like fools.


Appreciate what’s out there.

Believe in whats within.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

It makes her, you, me and him.


Ask stupid questions.

Never stop at why.

Strive for a reaction.

Laugh. Think. Cry.


Produce and repeat.

Don’t accept defeat.

If it sticks, beat it.

If it’s forgotten, forget it.


Others can make you feel worthless.

Others make you feel strong.

Tough decisions face us all.

There is no right or wrong.



We can feel like we’re not wanted.

Chances are at times that’s true.

So run for something better,

and never stop doing things for you.



We are the past.

We are the present.

We are the future.

We are, John.

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