Draw Every Day Draw Every Way

My previous education left me feeling creatively starved, due to the deprioritisation of art subjects in favour of more “AcAdEMiC oNeS”. For so long I have had a creative itch that couldn’t get a good scratch, from being trapped in the vicious cycle of academia. The linear (and quite frankly outdated) educational system is staggeringly left-brained, distilling analytics and structure from a young age, completely refocused my energy and outlook from creative and intuitive thinking, when this should be made a priority. 

SCA has challenged me to unlearn these out-of-date, obsolete and mundane ways of thinking, pushing me to develop my craft, see what others do not and utilise the power of “Visual Ingredients”. Since starting SCA, I gave myself the goal to “create daily” and unearthed this delicious little number from the dusty depths under my bed to improve my drawing skills, and ultimately, the ability to think visually. I also gave myself the goal of unlearning the art of perfectionism. Drawing every day with a time limit has allowed me to play with colour, tone, texture, line width and the power of white space, something I did not realise the importance of prior to SCA!

My drawing is far from perfect, which is GOOD. I love leaving the studio every day with an additional piece of art on my fingertips from my Crayola markers and the mindful aspect I get from my daily scribbles. On this journey I am already creating my own little style and spin, something I hope will take me far in my creative career. 

Enjoy a month of nature with coloured markers and a black pen condensed into 30 seconds! 

You can buy Jennifer Lewis’ Draw Every Day Draw Every Way here 🙂 


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