Week 1 – My Boastful Sonnet

So far the SCA has surprised me in many ways, but one more than others. To my surprise despite my general anxiety towards writing, I’ve been enjoying the workshops that are more geared towards copy writing. Already by day 2 we’ve had to overcome many fears, but my dwindling animosity towards words in general is a feeling I’ve welcomed.

Here’s my Boastful Sonnet from Deanna Rodger’s Class that I’ve been working on since the class.

My lack of words give me wings as I scale above the gallery of noise,
an ariel view of this landscape, details blurred,
but high enough that this landscape is in complete capture.

Shy, Introvert? Perhaps I often appear silent, but why make a noise for the sake of a noise.
I speak with a reason and poise.

I am, my thoughts, shoes dragging in quick sand,
time enough to spot the sad faces that need a companion.

My voice appears to cut, but only in the direction it’s needed most.
You think I’m plain, but have you not seen all the plain colours have brilliant before them.

I welcome criticism with open arms,
no remarks can penetrate diamond skin.

I am a bull heading cranium first into the chaos gracefully.
Engulfed into the unknown, the risk is but a walk in the park.

I am all you believe I am incapable of being.


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