Weird requests. – By @cutemagicalstar

By Rachel Ogbaretin


Weird requests.


I’ve spent most of my teens drawing dumb stuff on the internet, from cute girls to the borderline fetish pieces of work, it really a roller coaster when it comes to commission requests, I don’t really get them as much these years, mainly cuz I don’t hang out on those websites anymore. I’ve learned that the weirder the kink the more they pay. Sometimes you get requests from people that are so odd you have to do research on whether or not it’s a kink. These ones mainly happen at a time where I was much more naive and desperate for money (I still am but I do have some standards now up until people start paying over £500), some I drew but others I did not touch with a ten-foot pole but they did stick with me till today. They are sticky ideas in there own way.


First and most weird for me is gotta be the time someone tried to commission me to draw some tickle art for them, it was was a pretty standard request of two guys just messing around but they really wanted me to focus on the ticking, like they wanted extra details on hands, lots of tears and such. At first, I didn’t really think much of it, the guy was gonna give me £90 for it which for poor old me was amazing but then I started looking up references, which eventually led me to that one tickled documentary and I was very much nope about it after. I still remember that guy commenting about tickling him on all my art posts after I refused the commission.


Another time some wanted me to draw Pearl from SU and another character (which turned out to be them in IRL) sucking each other’s toes. I did ask them why they even thought I would draw that, as my style is child-friendly, all they said was “ I just think my character would look cute in your style”, safe to say I refused the commission.


A third one was one I got a DM to draw someone and making out with the Onceler from the Lorax 2012, I did that one in private since at the time that movie came a lot of people want to drawings with them making out with the Onceler and that gave me pocket money for a trip to berlin…so..yeah


Another one which I feel at this point is kind of right of passage for internet artists is drawing someone’s sonic original character. They wanted their oc being pregnant with Sherk’s child while sonic’s in the background crying. I didn’t draw it but I was slightly honored they had asked.


One more for now, which was a furry commission, now say what you want about those weirdos but those guys pay generously, plus are pretty chill about be turning down. I mainly turned this one down cuz I don’t know how to draw big beefy bears and also not really into drawing said bears having a huge bulge either


From these requests over the years I’ve learned that everyone is horny on the internet and everything is someone’s kink, your a kink, I’m a kink, maybe reading this scab is someone else’s kink, who knows. None of us are free from sin.

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