Welcome to the studio

Chloe Cordon

By Chloe Cordon


Welcome to the studio


The windowless (they don’t count if you can’t open them), airless (I see you, air vent, doin’ nothin. Don’t think I don’t), room we call home.


But God I love it. It’s the kind of place you walk into and you’re like, surprised. Remember last year when everyone was like “Summer Vibes” with the peace sign emoji and you were like what even is “Summer Vibes”. Well The Brix has vibes. Not the infamous summer vibes, but creative vibes. You walk in and your mind is just jumping up and down, and pissing all over the carpet with excitement. It’s saying “oh there’s an interesting person”, “there’s another interesting person”, “there’s a huge pile of washing up”, “but there’s another interesting person”, “what do you mean there’s no hot water?”, “oh that’s pretty”. You kinda feel like that dog in Up that gets mad excited whenever it sees a squirrel. You know the one I mean.


There are dots to be collected within the walls of our church/nightclub/school. And that’s from the people there. The only other time I saw someone as dotty as the people who come to SCA was on Noel’s House Party.




The mentors


The masterclasses


The other students


This week I got out of the studio and worked somewhere else. And it was well good. I was a) more productive, b) more comfortable, and c) within a hop skip and jump of some toilets I’m not scared to use. I had a right laugh with my lovely partner and actually still got stuff done. More than I would at school. I got to see the sun, and boy is it beautiful.


Yeah sun. I’m talkin to you. We should hang out more. As soon as I’ve topped up on factor 50.


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