“Well, that’s just your opinion man”, the Dude – By @EdzaiSoper

Well, thats just your opinion man, the Dude

(I call this one: I was pushed for time so had to get creative). 

The advertising game. The opinion game. The I-have-about-four-pretty-stand-out-ideas-in-my-book-so-you-listen-to-me game. 

Contradiction city. Have fun while you work. You had too much fun working on that. The best ads don’t even need copy. Why the fuck isn’t there any copy on your ad? Your mentors are gods, their word is law. At the end of the day it’s up to you. 

It may sound like I’m shitting on the industry I currently strive to get into. Or maybe it doesn’t, thats up to you, man. 

For me what all this adds up to is freedom. Nobody knows what they’re doing in and out of advertising. Everybody is winging it and I plan to follow suit. Adults are only adults until you become one, then you realise they’re just big kids with chest hair and leather shoes. 

Take those shoes away and what are you? A big kid with chest hair, yuck. 

Back to freedom. The ambiguity of what is right and wrong in advertising can be taken in two ways: 

1.) BWAAGAAAABLAAA I don’t know what to do there’s just no solid structure (this said through blubbering tears). 

2.) Nobody really knows the answers therefore there are no rules therefore FREEDOM. Shout out Mel Gibson.

As you can imagine I sway towards the latter.

I bought a Japanese peace lily recently that refuses to grow in a civilised way even though I follow all the instructions to a t. Honestly I’m so proud of the little guy. I water him when I should and he gets the right amount of light and still sadly I think he is dying. 

This is a good metaphor for my experience at the SCA. Not the dying bit (that’s his journey) but the bit about not behaving the way he should and I have a sneaky feeling this is what’s expected. 

The SCA is the perfect fertile field to grow advertising crop because there are no wrong answers (at least I hope so, otherwise I might be in a bit of trouble for this SCAB). You may think you’ve got a bunch of chilli seeds, you water and love them and BAM a field full of strawberries. Come harvest you’re still a happy farmer. 

I hope some of that made sense. If not I’d recommend buying a peace lily.  

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