WHAT A JOURNEY, by @Nunumrmas

Nuria Ramos

By Nuria Munoz-Ramos



Three years ago who would have told me I would be here, packing to move to London. Who would of told me I would live in Sydney with my partner for 4 months, who would of told me we would be taking different paths. Thats right, I took the North Walk, the one that takes me to the best opportunity I have been given so far, the one that will hopefully open the doors I have always wanted to knock on, and she’s taken the South Walk. That path that we both decided to walk together but unfortunately I can’t continue. And again, once more the distance will come in between, that distance that separates two different ways but with one same end.
I compere this to a river. Our river was born three years ago, and slowly went growing, very very slowly, but always running on the same direction. The water would slowly flow down, sometimes a branch would be in the middle but the current would take over it, sometimes leafs fall and float and finally sink and not disturb the course. With time the intensity grew and the river became bigger and stronger, and thanks to this strength it managed to branch off.
Water still runs on the same direction, with the same intensity but with two different branches which will meet up in the big ocean.

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