What are great websites/magazines/real-life places you use to collect dots?- Group SCAB


Rachel: I love to visit the D&AD website, but also Random ones like BuzzFeed and HuffPost. For inspo, I think the “Lurzer’s Int’l”is so good and even time-out to figure what’s going on in London if you’re new to the city…Anyone interested in learning or just watching new skills then visit – you can join for free.

Christopher: a wide range of disciplines to get inspired by (photography, design, technology…)

Emma: I love it, you can follow on Instagram as well, you have plenty of different arts & techniques from around the world. So whenever bored, just have a little glance.

Ben: Unironically use Reddit and not for advertising either. Find a subreddit you really like and see how people communicate. I play video games like Overwatch and the comment section is hilarious. Could be pushed as far enough to say that each subreddit have their own tone of voice, but it’s an enjoyment thing.

Susie: This is a website I started visiting years ago I always come back to it for inspiration – it’s archived are fab. Actual magazines are expensive so I usually just duck into shops are have a quick flick through as many as I can without buying.

Meg: Design Week, Twitter, Designspiration… and just everyday life.

Sara: Youtube! Watch widely and with little discrimination. Subscribe to channels you would otherwise have no interest in, it gives you an insight into such a broad demographic.

Helena P: Everything I can get my hands on really. Online I look at ATTN, TED, RA,… Marion:, And Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram etc of course.

Manon: I usually use to find inspiration. Or the magazines

Gauthier: I really like Adweek ( ) to know what happens in the ad world and Highsnobiety ( ) to know the actual mood

Clara: is the best ads website. Even if it’s in French, you can find very interesting stuff, like the best poster ads done in the world who are posted every Monday.

Henry: The Sam Harris ‘Waking Up’ podcast is full of gems. He’s a neuroscientist turned philosopher and has some amazingly insightful interviews and guests

Elliot: Joe Rogan Experience podcast for everything… Pinterest, for inspiration regarding craft, and Apple News for my day-to-day.

Becky: I love looking on to get my head out of advertising but still within the creative industry. ‘Terrible, Thanks For Asking’ is also a great podcast – puts things into perspective when things get stressful.

Pietro: There is nothing better than reading everything morning. You get a lot of new ideas (and you arrive late to class).

Holly: “My dad wrote a porno” is a funny podcast. Persephone books are my favourite bookshop. Reprints forgotten non-fiction and fiction by 20th-century female writers.

Nick: “ No such thing as a fish” podcast. QI researchers chatting about their favourite fact of the week. Entertaining and informative.

Jonothan: Rhett & Link’s “Ear Biscuits” for a fun, educational and clever podcast. Local caffs: loads of brilliant people about. The Bible. Tate events are often very interesting and give a new perspective on things. Linus Tech Tips YT channel. The Week mag has a feature that lists the best articles from other sources. Better than Google News. Definitely not the Bible.

Gnome: Beautiful Anonymous podcast… beautiful stories by anonymous people.

Andrea: Cool cousin, is a great way to discover new places, and connect with locals who share your interests, you can choose to use its website version or the app.

Dune: HitRecord: ( ), is an online community gathering creatives (in every sector) from around the world to work together as a production company. You should give it a go!

Joe: Hypebeast or Highsnobiety if you like streetwear and street culture.

Adeline: Same as Joe. But I also really like just flicking through magazines of all sorts. None in particular. Just great ones. It’s Nice That has just started a newspaper called Lecture in Progress. That’s the kind of things I’d pick up and keep in a box, so I can just go through it when I need inspo.

Joe and Adeline, you might be interested in if you’re not already. (Steve)

Phil: A great blog for design inspiration outside of the world of advertising, with features in everything from architecture, to product design and interior design.

Jem: Freakonomics Radio (Spotify podcasts),,, (if you’re ever struggling to find a problem to tackle, this place has them all), Kickstarter, and I use way more than I should


Poppy: Trains, tubes, LBC radio and any other place where you get to hear real people giving their honest opinion.

Martin: Anxy Magazine. The Anger Issue. Just brilliant. Stunning Art Direction. Amazing stories. Makes a difficult topic easy readable and visually interesting. It’s one of the best magazines I collected so far, and they are probably more than 1000.

Holly: I find and both great for finding inspiration for photography, graphic design and advertising

Darius: is good for news. TasteDive is good for finding stuff related to stuff you already like. Daily Mail comments on Facebook are good for putting your feet on the ground. Subscribe to everything.


Twyla: My friends run this fashion webpage as a passion project and I love it.

Helena: Love Mumsnet. If you don’t find useful insights you will definitely find entertaining ones regardless. Also, the Radiolab podcasts series are great for interesting topics in 20-minute chunks. Always learn a lot.

Philly: Bill Murray pub in Angel is the best place to see comedy in London:, Travelfish for SE Asia info/stories – their newsletter is incredible:, John Fleming for comedy updates:, Time Out, Irish Passport for all things Irish:, Kurt Vonnegut Memorial Library, Bjenny Montero for truthful cartoons about life:

Chirine: I use Behance, designinspiration, Instagram and Pinterest.

Mathilde: I usually go on the vice, lareclame & Vogue.

Dalva: I like to go on Broadly or Buzzfeed to get ideas

Melina: I like trying different platforms for different things. Google is basically the easiest and most updated source online. Unless you hate pluralism.

Steve: The New Yorker and Facebook groups like The Designers League. Also, end up saving more videos from Vox than I probably should…

Petra: I love to flick through the magazine Womankind whenever I have some time. It’s written by freelancing female journalists and covers different themes in each issue through a political and cultural perspective.

Alysha: I like ‘The Art Newspaper’ online or in print for a good overall overview of what’s going on in the art world. It’s well written but not too dense or academic. I am also a slave to TeenVogue, they write some of the best think pieces around. Can’t help but also being a slave to online shopping, or more like e-window shopping. You see a great variety of creativity looking at catwalk shows on Vogue each season, but also at the websites and editorial shoots of high street brands and boutiques, especially some of the ones that have more unusual clothes. I also like ‘It’s Nice That’. It’s nice

Zoe: pineapple dance studio. Speak to people.

Eva: Vogue Nederland magazine, where my aunt does the styling. @famoproductions on Instagram, our artist group. Actually, anything to do with Amsterdam gets me a lot of inspiration. Or any dance from the Batsheva Dance Company

Christian: I am in love with new technology, discovering new pieces of tech, can make you think of an entirely new solution for your brief. There are two sides that I normally go to first, and if there is nothing there, I have some other websites in my backhand. But these are the two I tend to first: and

Gary: Website: – Mag: The drum – Trends – Forbes App: Feedly – Adweek

Dan: Youtube, Tumblr, Reddit, Spotify, Grindr, Putlocker, SCA, Megabus and (of course) all the major academic journals.

Kim: Campaign mag, high-tech articles in random newspapers, authors of advertising advice books, copywriters who add me on LinkedIn and that I add, London events, Tumblr.

Léa: Nowness, Arte, Packshotmag, CulturePub, Joe La Pompe, MotherBoard, Waxandbrutalism on Instagram… and so many more! Just come and see what I like on Facebook and Instagram!

Rita: I am kind of obsessed with planes and aviation and I learn so much stuff that comes from websites like airliners. Don’t judge.

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