What happened to Mini Cheddars and Ribena? By @dinglebobs

By Ben Conway


What happened to Mini Cheddars and Ribena?

D+AD is what I expect the opposite of childbirth to be like. Not long enough. A two-minute case study video is far from carrying a loading human inside of you for months on end. Right now, it’s all I can think about. So much so, SCAB went on the back burner. Instead, I’m opening up (oh here we go). (Don’t get the wrong idea). (I filled in that internal dialogue for you there). (You’re welcome) (I’ll stop, I’ve gone too far in with these bloody brackets now).


We’ve bounced back though. Being in playful child for a few weeks helped. Context would be helpful. A week ago we were back to ideating after the German agency Grabarz & Partner released an employment campaign for pyromaniacs, for Burger King. The title doesn’t have a grand connection, I just thought if I’m perpetrated for handing this one in late then I’ll get string cheese and Ribena as a substitute for cheese and wine. Can a block of cheese be beaten by string? Definitely. Well… let’s just live in that fantasy for the sake of my conscience and being children for a while longer.


More than anything, D+AD has set in stone the type of work I want to do. One, on time. Most of all, funny. I wrote in a confessional box yesterday that I’m worried I won’t be funny enough. Which INSTANTLY made me feel like that person in your class who was the Steven Hawking of Science (rip mate) and said how hard it was. Or the Mondrian of year 9 who sat next to you saying ‘this is so bad, I can’t bear to look at it’. They were knobs, right? You stared at your befuddled copying of speed times something to equal something else and they were asking a question that had consonants and vowels to make Carol Vorderman piss herself dead.


The point I’m attempting to get to while making this a 500 word SCAB, sea shells sea shells on the seashore. Is that – Frère Jacques, Frère Jacques, Dormez-vous? Dormez-vous? – I’m over feeling off kilter when I self-assess my work against someone else’s idea that’s there to save the world. I’m off to film my Nan this morning for our case study and it all rides on humor. The whole thing. I’m certain there will be flashy graphics, which often seems to win a pencil (on-top of a great idea). But I’ve realized that we are using one angle, one type of humor, to sell this WHOLE thing. It’s not a bad thing. Let’s hope it’s not not funny. That would be a laugh.


And to not end on a depressing note, because Jesus that last line was, I thought I would leave you all with jokes that I found from typing in ‘funny jokes’ into Google. Maybe the world does need better comedy…


According to my mirror, I am pregnant. The father is Nutella.

Finally, the spring is here! I’m so thrilled I wet my plants.

My socks got really holy. I can only wear them to church.

Why did the balloon go near the needle? He wanted to be a pop star.

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