What have I learnt so far?

So here we are, one week in. What have I learnt so far? 

  • Frustration is good. Everyday I have gone home frustrated about something. Be it a part of the brief I missed, something I didn’t execute properly or something moronic I said in front of a group of potential creative partners. What I’ve learnt though, is that’s a good thing. Frustration at the end of one day means I come back the next, keen to do better. 
  • Being challenged mentally makes you feel physically better. At school I was a pain in the arse, I only wanted to play drums and smoke weed. So I got kicked out. I loved my job, but it was more about challenging others than it was about challenging myself. Chronic fatigue is something I’ve experienced for most of my working life. But one week in and I’m feeling more awake than I have before and I’m sure this is totally down to being stimulated for once. 
  • To ask for help and to share. I’ve always been very precious with my ideas. I hold on to them and try not to show anyone until they’re finished. I guess everyone gets this, scared to show others something for fear of criticism or rejection. I’ve still not quite nailed this one, but self-awareness is the first step to enlightenment. 
  • Have fun. On Friday I caught myself between two tasks. Drawing a cartoon and writing some copy. I had to take a second to step back and appreciate my situation. These are my hobbies, but not anymore. Now they’re just what I do, all day, everyday. How great is that?!
  • One thing I haven’t learnt is how to switch off. Something to work on going forward. So far I’ve been thinking about the briefs all day, everyday, including evenings and weekends. Worst of all, I’ve been talking about them during evenings and weekends too. If I plan to retain any of the very few friendships I have, I really need to stop talking about the course, cos to everyone outside, it’s dull as fuck. 

Onto week two….

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