What is going on? – By @PavouxAlison

By Alison Pavoux


What is going on?

France is on fire. It has been one month that everywhere in news I see France situation going a bit downer every day. We got a new president for one year and a half now. I haven’t been in France since, so I’m not really aware of what he did until now. But I don’t really think what is happening is Macron’s fault cause whoever would have been president, people would complain. Your own image is important but the image of your family or your country is too. What people think about France whether they are from France or a different country matters. And the main image people have of French is that they never stop complaining. Unfortunately that is true. French are never satisfied. When I see what is going on in France at the moment with “les Gilets Jaunes” I think people don’t really understand the chance they have to be in a developed and open minded country. They have the right to complain and express themselves cleverly, but instead they completely mess up the all country. I have no opinion on the increase rate of taxation of petrol and gasoline. But, I can understand that some people are unhappy with that and protest in the street. What I don’t understand and I could never accept is the mess they are doing. There is already more than 400 injured only in Paris and 2 dead. Two persons died in the protest! A woman years of 80 die this weekend. She was annoyed by the smoke of gas bomb, she tried to close her window when she took one in her face. And now she is dead.

The view of Paris on Sunday morning was nothing else than a war scene. They burnt plenty cars, destroyed everything, even messed up the Arc de Triomphe. That’s a shame, and I feel ashamed to be French at the moment. People are stupid and it has gone too far. Every things they broke or damage will be fix with public’s money, their money actually. Assurance will fix all those cars, but insurance prices are going to rise then. And guess what? They will complain. This situation just drive me crazy. We are really lucky to live in France and to have so much advantages and rights. We are one of the countries having the most important benefits from the government.

Les Gilets Jaunes are even fighting with people who doesn’t want to protest. They block roads and highway, hit cars, and flip them. There is no respect at all.
Paris is the third most visited place, international people love Paris. By the way, to have travelled a bit I can say France doesn’t exist without Paris. Every time I said “I am from France”, people answered me “Oh, you are from Paris”. No I’m not from Paris. Anyway, Paris is the dream of a lot of people. I think they would be really disappointed to see what Paris is becoming. It’s sad.

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