What sound effect best represents you? – By KRAK intake

By KRAK intake 2019/20


What sound effect best represents you? 


Jay: that noise slack makes on Mac. P,p,p, tss (Alice here, I think you’ll find it goes Tsss Popopo. Therefore, not a true fan). 

Charlie: Unscrewing the cap of an unopened fizzy drink bottle 

Rachael: old keyboard asmr 

Elle: popping a bottle of Bollinger. 

Ellie: Muffled crying. 

Munraj: Crickets chirping. 

Tommy: Clears throat. Well actually. 


Alice: The slack desktop notification sound (true fans know the real sound). (Jay here, can you stop flirting with me on the group SCAB please. Thanks.) (Alice here, you wish you could get this fine piece of tssss popopo). 

Phillip: ditto 

Ivan: Cardi B doing the sound effects for Star Wars 

Matt: *cough* 

Gigi: The yap of a small white chihuahua in a pink rhinestone collar. 

Alfie: The rumble of skateboard wheels, rolling along the SCA floorboards 


Eva: *big explosion* 

Oliver: DJ will get it. 

David : The one when you forgot to unmute your computer 

Marley: the whoosh flap sound when you’re laying out your duvet to make your bed 

Katie: The sound you get when you pierce open a jar of Nutella or Kenco instant coffee…mmm satisfying. 

DJ: I am the sound incognito mode makes. 

Chloë: *ba dum tss* 

Leanne: The crunch of snap peas. 

Rolly: Potato chips extreme crunch sound. 

Sean: The sound of self-flagellation followed by slow clapping. 

Dean: Windooooooowwwwwwwwwwsssssss Niiiiiiiineeeeeeteyyy Fiiiiiiiiveeeeeeeeee. Shout out To Brian Eno. 

Elisa: A chewing gum bubble popping. 

Alex: popty ping 

Aaron: TV static. Fun fact – this static is caused by the remnants of the Big Bang 

Maeva:Star dust that flies away- Do you think I live in a pink world? 


Pierre : star wars laser. 

Luce : star wars laser sword 

Holly: The sound of a chip and PIN machine, followed by the pressing of the pen on a wad of paper as I sign my money a way to a very high end shop that I for some reason hold a loyalty card for… 

Scarlet: the squeak and pop of a Hendricks bottle cork. 

Bastien: Every good sounds or effects coming out from a good sound system. Loud and clear. Great record here: wxq97Geja&index=31 

Lawrence : The click of your pen when you get an idea. 

Carly: The opening notes to Dancing Queen. 

Issy: The whistling kettle before my morning tea. 

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