What type of Adman are you?!! By @ThatPinkSuit

Rhiannon Butlin

By Rhiannon Butlin


What type of Adman are you?!!

Complete this very well researched and completely accurate quiz to find out what kind of adman(or woman or general human being or inanimate object) you are. 

How do you prefer your rooster potatoes? 

A. Roasted 

B. Jackets 

C. Mashed 

D. Hurtling towards your head at rocket speed  

Where’s your fave masterclass hang out? 

A. On the sofas 

B. Upstairs at the desks 

C. Sat awkwardly on the stairs 

D. By the kitchen whilst chugging a carton of milk

What’s your Friday reflection style? 

A. Anecdotal 

B. Existential 

C. None of the above, I let my well-crafted image do the talking 

What’s your milk of choice

A. Skimmed 

B. Semi-skimmed

C. Whole 

D. Sour and three weeks old 

E. Claire’s 

How excited are you about the upcoming D&AD’s on a scale of 1-10 

A. 4.5-7

B. 8-9

C. 10!

D. 110%

Mostly A’s

You’re a crazy cat and in a world all of your own! 


Mostly C’s

Your skin tone is best suited to earthy tones, stick to deep burgundy and mushroom grey, add olive green scarf to accentuate those gorgeous green eyes of yours! 


8-10 points

Whilst Mercury is in retrograde you might be feeling a little flirty, you’ve had your eye on that sexy fella from accounting for a while, so it’s now or never, go get him girl! 


I’d rather not say 

If you’ve been experiencing these symptoms for more than a month its time to make an appointment with your local GP. 

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