What would you get tattooed on your forearm? By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19

By HUSH – The SCA Intake of 2018/19


What would you get tattooed on your forearm?


Our leader, our captain, our dean, Marc Lewis, has a new tattoo. Some of us are shocked, some of us are impressed, some of us are jealous, and it begs the question:


What would you get tattooed on your forearm?


Antonio: Probably a quote that inspires me and motivates me. Not sure about graphics or illustrations, I always change a bit my artistic taste every year.




Lucy: Mushin – a Japanese word shortened from “mushin no shin” (無心の心), a Zen expression meaning the mind without mind or no mindedness. Mushin cannot be grasped by the intellect; it must be experienced. Therefore, I would get it instantaneously removed after inking it onto my skin. A Mushin mind has no Ego and no substance; it is pure Enlightenment and is the perfect realization of the self, therefore it cannot exist as a tattoo but only as a mere fragment of my memory.


Phil: I sing of arm and the man


Joe R: I sing of arm and the man. Will constantly remind Phil his is correcti perfecti (unless he sees his perfecti and correcti it). I already have a tat on my upper arm and fancy adding to it when another stage of my life comes to a close.


Mary: I have a heart for my step daughter that she drew on my arm after she had a heart problem last year. Too painful to get another


Holly: A stack of seven books, as planned.


Dan: “Make sure you stay hydrated and don’t look directly at the sun” because it’s good advice. I would also like a transcript of one of Forrest’s pitches tattooed down the length of my leg. And I would also like to shave my head and get “we sell or we fucking die” tattooed right on the top of my giant noggin and then grow all my hair back so no one knew it was there until I turned 45 and all my hair fell out and I became bald and then everyone would ask me why I had that tattooed on my head and I’d say, well I spent a year at this place called SCA, and let’s just say that it was a seriously hashtag memorable hashtag experience.


Alysha: A shot of tequila bc when life gives you Lymes… Also the Hush logo because I’m cute like that.


Jacob: the demons cant get me if i keep running right


Forrest: My dog passed away last week, so I think I’d have his balls tattooed on my heart to remind myself always to have courage.


Josie: ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ


Charles: No idea, probably something exciting.


Saphire: No tattoos for me. Also aw, sorry to hear about your dog Forrest. You can have the balls. I’ll have the body.


Alex B: “No idea, probably something exciting” – Charles


Maddy: “Young, dumb and full of cum.” I think it will age beautifully.


Gem: Nothing, I change my mind too often to have something definitive on me, and I like the aesthetics of a “pure” body


Ruby: After Eight mints. And an iPad.


Vic: I’d get a sour strawberry laces scratch-and-sniff tattoo. If I wait a few more years I might even be able to get one that you can lick as well.


Karolina: I love Justin Bieber. I’ve had a temporary one from Primark. It was on sale.

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