Why Elle Woods is my hero? – By @bellwoodart

By Elle Bellwood



Why Elle Woods is my hero?


Everyone: ‘You got into SCA 2.0?’ 

Me: ‘What, like it’s hard?’ 

[Disclaimer: it is hard.] 

The first time I watched Legally Blonde, I was in complete awe of Elle Woods. Not because her name is almost identical to mine but because she showed me, from such a young age, that you work hard for your dreams and you trust no man. 

I assume you’ve all watched Legally Blonde because it is such an iconic feminism movie, but if you haven’t, I am going to break down what I have learnt from my idol, Elle; which will hopefully help me throughout my time at SCA. 

Always back yourself. 

In this clip, we see Elle confronted by her ex-boyfriend Warner about managing to get into Harvard Law school. 

From this, I learnt to always believe in yourself. Elle worked tirelessly to get into Harvard Law school, and she wasn’t going to let a man belittle her. 

Hard work beats talent. 

Elle was humiliated when the mean girls tricked her into dressing up in fancy dress for a party. Instead of going home and crying into her pillow, Elle picked herself back up and made a plan. She did not give up. Elle showed me that by picking yourself up and quietly taking control of your life, you will make better decisions and choices. You will perform better and therefore silence even your biggest critics. 

Find common ground. 

In life, you will come across people who aren’t going to float your boat. Elle demonstrates here that finding common ground with someone can help open them up, ease conversation and get what you want. 

Keep up with the trends. 

Elle manages to solve a murder case through her love of fashion and beauty. Keeping up to date with fashion trends, pop culture and relevant music is essential. Especially as a communicator, we need to know what’s current in the world, but not just within the ‘breaking’ news. 

Go hard or go home and look great doing it. 

When Elle applies for Harvard, she makes a controversial applicant video. However, she presented herself as an individual. She did not try to mimic what she thought they wanted to see. She stayed true to herself. She may have regarded as unconventional, but she was unique, and this made her memorable. 

Girl time and a manicure fixes, almost, everything. 

Elle always looks great; she takes pride in her appearance. Many of the scenes in Legally Blonde are filmed in a nail salon where her friend Paulette works. Boy problems? Get your nails done. Bad day at work/school? Get your nails done. 

Many people would sneer at the fact I have a (small) obsession with getting my nails done. However, it’s a great way to reset, reflect and revive. While you are getting a manicure, you can’t go on your phone; therefore, it gives you quiet time to reflect or time to sit and catch up with a friend. Picking a nail colour and shape can set you up for the person you want to be in the forthcoming future. For example: 

Square and pink means I want to be professional, minimal and focused. Long and red means I want to be fiery, passionate and a rule breaker. Rounded and pale blue can means I want to be playful, childish and relaxed. 

Many psychologists would say if you need a lift, you should get your hair or nails done as it helps to improve your appearance and wellbeing. It also gives you some well needed TLC. 

Remind yourself why you are here. 

Elle gives her speech on her graduation day, which explains her desire to become a lawyer. Watching this back reinforces to me why even the longest, hardest days at SCA are ultimately going to be worth it. We are all passionately trying to achieve our goal. 

‘Passion is a key ingredient to the study and practice of advertising and of life. It is with passion, courage to break the rules and a strong sense of self that we take our next steps into the world. Remembering that first impressions aren’t always correct. You must always have faith in people and most importantly…you must always have faith in yourself.’ Adapted from Elle Wood’s valedictorian speech. (Legally Blonde, MGM, 2001) 


Bellwood x 

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