What you want to achieve this term – by @coupSCA


By COUP – The Intake of 2015/16


A sentence to describe what you want to achieve this term.

Dennis – I want to win the Super Bowl and the oscar for the best actor after i won the cannes lion for lifetime achievements and Marc’s heart.

Zac – I want to end happier than when i started

Becci –  I want to end feeling happy that I did my best and gave it my all. And have at least the groundwork of my business laid out and ready to launch.

Nunu – I want to have campaigns that I would never come up with before starting sca and achieve goals even better than 2015

Beatrice – I want to become a better version of myself BeaProPlusPlus

Ben G – I want to blow everything i did in term 1 out of the water

Laurens – Embrace the weird

Tristan – I want to be able to write great SMPs

Seb – Be an award winning creative, and thus a better one

Blaz – Lose fear and make my mom proud

Laura – Create something new that makes my brain say wow

Suki – future in reverse. errday

Nick K – Experiment, fail harder, create work which scares me.

Ben T – Wet the cheese

Federica – I want chickens to stop suffering from their bum pain

Alicia – To be a more confident and produce work that I’m truly proud of

Matt B – To make great work (not just advertising) that changes the status quo and gets great recognition

Tomasz – (confidence, creative flow and relentless work)*go big

Nihal – To discover and hone my creative process

Roman – Produce work that I will be proud to throw away on Term 3

Owen – To understand what ‘big idea’ really means

Katy – I’d like my brain to come up with something I didn’t know it could

Matt K – To never be late for a SCAB


Ethan – I want 6 hatting to become second nature

Nadia – Any/all of these pearls of wisdom, particularly “… increase the demand for the substantive over the superficial.”

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