Whatever let you sleep at night. – By @paboukratevans

By Pierre Aboukrat


Whatever let you sleep at night. 


Once upon a time in a big forest called Brixton a little monkey had an issue with getting to school on time. He tried and tried to get to school on time but none of his tricks could get him to do so.


One day a lady came to his school and told him: « little monkey you are unorganised; you need to establish new habits”. But the little monkey was stubborn and was getting back from holiday. “I just need to catch up with my studies and everything will be, oh,” Thought the monkey. 


Little that he knows the Lady that came to his school was actually a which modifying time. She saw that the little monkey didn’t want to learn, so she put her evil outfit. By telling him he didn’t have any time and that he’s the whole grade will be based on that, she put him to the test. The little monkey got pressured and try to finish it. He didn’t see that all the student in his class just had read the instructions. 


At the start of the paper was written: 


“You will have 4 minutes’ maximum in which to complete the test. Do not discuss this with anyone; you need to do work through on your own. Read everything before you do anything.” 


By reading everything the little monkey could have read that he needed to achieve only 3 of the questions but of course, he didn’t. 


The little monkey started to cry in the middle of the class. “Don’t be sad” said the time witch, she had a present for him. A gold quadrant with instructions to follow so the little monkey will never be late again. On the quadrant was written: 

Q1.Urgent & important 

Q2.Not urgent & important 

Q3.Urgent & not important

Q4.Not important & not urgent. 


“Oh heaven thought” said the little monkey “I will never be late again” 


However, before the time witch got away, she gave him some advice. The little monkey needed to be assiduous about it and do it by the week. “Also, if you cross the things that you have done you will have an endorphin boost that will help you achieve your other tasks,” said the witch.  


-All the student started singing_ 


“A key to success is to have order in your mail get them sorted by colour so you will find them better.” 

“If you ever are in trouble remember to do long range planning.” 

“And urgent is based on other priorities and expectations.”

“If you don’t want to do it throw it in the dump” 

“because irresponsible behaviour is always an option” 

“your call to procrastinate or not” 

“but always keep in mind” 

“that you will need to do it sooner or later” 

“So why not do it now” 

“Always look on the bright side of life” 


And then something magical happened the monkey grow a nose and his hair felt and he’s thumb grow. He was becoming a man more than that he was becoming a woman. And the little girl looks at the time witch and said: “I am in charge of my time now”. 


Ps: keep looking for the truth. 


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