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Sebastien Thomas

By Sebastien Thomas


What’s next?

I was on a flight with a low cost airline the other day when I overheard two friends talking in the row behind me. Friend numero uno, Graham let’s call him, was explaining to the other about the quickest route to their local pub. He ended his short summary of what he felt was the best route with the word “Simples” followed by a short, sharp sound coming from the squeezing of his cheeks. Sergei, Oleg and Co. would be proud.

How many times during the early noughties did men all over the western world answer the phone with “Wassssssuuuuup”, reminiscent of a certain, now infamous, beer frog?

Furthermore, I noticed an article earlier this year in The Daily Mail (it was in a dentist waiting room. Don’t judge me) where a reference to Jose Mourinho’s latest winning tactics had a photo of dear Jose with the headline, “Jose, you’re so money supermarket”.

Now I’m not necessarily a huge fan of any of these campaigns, but you can’t deny the power with which they have entered popular culture and their catchphrases submitted into public vocabulary. What makes two of the above enter into common language whilst’s shitty Brian the Robot languishes behind in both consumer recognition and converted sales?

Well I guess it’s because those ads are crap. I digress. All of the above were born out of one or two minds, and that’s pretty cool. I’m convinced that someone from our class intake will come up with the next “Just Do It”, “Think Small”, “Got Milk?”. I hope I get there first.

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