What’s so special about London !? By @monaonthemoon

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By  Mona Sharif


What’s so special about London !?

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That’s the question I have been asked a lot since I told my friends and acquaintances that I was moving to London. My close friends and family weren’t surprised at all because they know about my love for London, they hear about it all the time. But my acquaintances know me as the girl always complaining about the rain, the girl who loves summer and sunshine, the girl who’s always broke because she loves to go out and buy (too many) shoes. 

So a lot of them asked me the same questions: « Why London? What’s so special about this city? Why don’t you move to the south of France, or Australia ? » 

I had the chance to travel a lot since I am young. I loved every city I’ve had the chance to visit. I loved some of them like Berlin or Istanbul so much than I booked my next visit as soon as I came back home. 

But the first time I went to London, I knew that I needed to come back, and not only on holiday. 

There is something special about this city that attracts me, the energy, the vibe of the city and its diversity. 

I feel that in London, you can do whatever you want to do, dress the way you want to, you can be who you want to be,… 

Yes, London is very expensive, and the weather seems to be terrible but the city is worth it. 

I’ve had the opportunity to come to London 5 times already and I enjoyed every second of it. 

In London, you find something to marvel on every corner. There’s something new to do everyday, something new to explore or a cool new place opening, you can go out any hour, the city never stays the same. 

Most of all, according to me, London is an inspirational city. Every street, each building, every person you meet, each sound in the city is INSPIRING !

« When a man is tired of London, he’s tired of life » — Samuel Johnson

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