What’s your favourite piece of student work to come out of the year and why?


By COUP – The Intake of 2015/16

What’s your favourite piece of student work to come out of the year and why?

Georgia Horrocks: Alex and Souki’s scale of celebrity scandal. Always up for exposing deviants and perverts.

Roman Lapacz The spectacular failure brief, a funny and interesting challenge that comes from a great insight about SCA. Also loves the Art Direction!

Angus Owen and Ethan Ford Liberty leg thing – good idea well executed

Drew: My favourite piece of work was Angus and Drew’s Live Streaming for Kit Kat, still can’t believe it hasn’t run yet

Ben Tatham Laurens Grainger: Portfolio day invite, I just keep thinking about it and it really cracks me up.

Ethan Bennett Angus and Drew’s Xbox SMP – ‘It’s dangerous outside.’ Simple and executes out fantastically. Jealous

Nihal Tharoor Angus & Drew Nationwide Change – great idea pushed nicely

Dennis Engel Matt: #BlackLivesMatter loved it! Bold and interesting.

Nick Kay Ethan’s HBO illegal download solution, a huge problem tackled in a simple way.

Jeremy Grainger 

Ethan, Owen, Matt: Cycle on the wrong side of the road.

Ethan, Matt: HBO advertising spoilers on illegal streaming sites.

Sebastien Thomas I liked Matt and Larry’s Megabus strategy. Nice new way of saying it’s cheap.

Tristan Amadeus Angus & Drew’s TK Maxx – ‘The thrill of the hunt’. Lovely insight with beautiful executions. Welly jelly.

Edwina Khayat Chloe and Katie’s wotsits campaign. Really simple and well executed

Matthew Butler AnDrew’s Thrill of the Hunt work is some of the smartest work I’ve seen

Nick Lindo I’m always jealous of Matt and Larry’s propositions – ‘Stranger things have happened’ for Betfair was a favourite though.

Orla O’Connor Tristan Amadeus and Ben Tatham‘s sexy threesomes grabble video I have no idea why I found that so funny, but it’s still hilarious.

Adriano Sganzini Love Volvo Coocon from Katy and Alicia. I found it a great piece of work. Different, well explained and massive problem solving

Laura: Katy and Alicia’s Eat Light campaign for Yo Sushi! Really liked it 

Rhiannon Butin: Suki’s ad for the cloud, fantastic story telling and completely unexpected execution 

Kennedy Nick and Sebs hula hoops thing, love the executions and I’m very immature. 

Katy and lis Volvo thing. Should have won at Cannes. 

Alex and Suki last minute strat. 

And too many others to mention!

Katy Edelsten Honest Soap. Best thing Matt Kennedy has ever done.

Beatrice Bergman Chloe and Orla’s kitkat wrist bands.So jealous of that one!

Chloe Cordon Nick and Seb’s Monarch campaign. God damn you and your fabulous ideas!

Sokaina Aliouate Laura’s Walkers idea for Metro

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