When should you follow your dreams? By @Edwards92Sophie

Sophie Edwards

By Sophie Edwards


When should you follow your dreams?


For those reading this; current students, past students, future wanna be students and my friends who I have forced – most will be pondering over whether to take the leap into something you have always wanted to do.


Many of you may have dreamed of opening up a café? Becoming a doctor? Moving to a different city? Or starting up a business? etc


But why haven’t you done it yet?


Maybe you have a job which is alright?

Maybe you are not quite sure what you want to do?

Or maybe, just maybe, you are twenty and thinking to yourself: ohhhh I have loads of time – I’ll follow my actual dream when I am a bit older?


On Wednesday this week we watched Meg Jay talk about the importance of your twenties:


And it got me thinking (uhho) – why did I take the leap and join SCA when I was working for a company which was so close to what I wanted to be doing, but not quite right? Why did I give up a wage? Why did I move out of my lovely flat and have to find somewhere else to live? Why?


In Meg Jay’s talk she speaks about the importance of being productive in our twenties – but I can honestly say I wasn’t thinking that when I started to follow my dream. So what made me do it?




Fear that in 10 years time I would be in the same job, doing similar things always thinking ‘what if’.


Fear that I was running out of  ‘it’s okay to make mistakes’ time.


Fear that I wasn’t being true to who I was.


Fear that technology will continue to grow in an exponential way leading to robots taking over all jobs and humans being left to do their hobbies, and I would be hobbyless.


Okay, the last one was a little dramatic. But after Russel Buckley’s talk on Thursday about the future of technology – maybe its not that extreme. Apparently we only have until 2045 until computers are more intelligent than us, leading to them taking over the workplace.


So, in 30 years time (I will be 53) – do you want to suddenly kick yourself wishing you had leapt and followed that dream when you had been able to?


I don’t want to tell my grandkids that I could have been the owner of a bakery until the robots took over, but instead I worked in an office doing something no one cared about because I didn’t follow my dream.


Now is the time to leap.  I dare you.


If you want to be a doctor. Apply.

If you want to start a bakery. Do it.  


And, if you want to be a creative. Call up Marc.


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