Who gets the last laugh? By @DrewDavies94

Drew Davies

By Drew Davies


Who gets the last laugh?

This week Jack Moolark a.k.a “The Moo” popped into SCA to give a presentation.

His message was to be weird and wonderful.

But what is weird?

I think weird is when you perceive something to be different than normal and struggle to find an explanation for it.

It’s something foreign to us and one of its most important qualities is that you notice it.

Weird stands out.

“Them shoes with wings on the side are weird”

“Why does he pin walkers crisp packets on his wall?

That’s weird”

“Isn’t it a bit weird that the clown was giving out phallic lollipops to the kids?”

Weirdo is used as an insult for people who are seen doing weird things.

Since different is scary, weird people are often isolated.

It happened to me as a teenager. It happened to Steve Jobs. It happened to Chris Rock. And it’s probably happened at some point to you as well.

Everyone wants to feel a sense of belonging but to be great perhaps you need to be comfortable in this position of isolation.

So though it seemed shitty at first I’m happy I’ve experienced it.

Looking at weirdness as an advantage definitely helps you resist conforming.

For example one of my weirds is my contradiction.

I write and draw. Take free kicks with both feet. Own a Barcelona and a Real Madrid kit. I think this helps me look at things from different angles and empathise with opposing sides.

For further guidance on using your weird look no further than my man Rudolf the red-nose reindeer.

He could have looked at that big bright fucker on the end of his face and complained about how it made it hard to get to sleep at night. Or that it brought him too much attention from hungry wolves. Or that he looked like a walking lif spliff.

But he didn’t. Rudolf seen the potential to use it for Mr Santa and illuminate the pathway through the night sky.

Now little Rudolf gets all the biscuits and has 6 side bitches and a peng wifey at home.


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